About Us



 Beijing United East Star Trading Co., Ltd.

 It is an export company engaged in product design, R&D, production and export sales of personal consumer pan-entertainment electronics products (party/festival/gift/toy/concert/bar/movie IP/theme park/sports and other comprehensive series of Electronics luminescent products for LED luminescent night personal applications).


Shenzhen Dongzhixing Electronic Processing Plant:

 It is a subsidiary company of Beijing United East Star Trading Co., Ltd. and a supporting processing base of United East Star.


Company size: 200-300 people.


Establishment date: In 2001, there are 18 years of development history.

 The company consists of Engineering department, production department, sales department, purchasing department, quality department, finance department, administration department, etc.


The company's main products:

LED applications for personal consumer pan-entertainment electronic light-emitting products, applied to non-daylight and night light-emitting entertainment demand scenarios. Product Series: Luminescent Party Products, Festival Luminescent Popular Goods, Luminescent Electronic Gifts, Luminescent Electronic Toys, Concert Flash Goods, Bar Luminescent Goods, Movie IP Luminescent Projects, Theme Park Luminescent Goods, Night Sports Luminescent Series Products.


Industry status: global leader 

In the LED industry chain, it belongs to the middle and lower parts of the application chain. The application product design/R&D/casting/production/assembly/sales/export covers an important part of the industry chain. It occupies a leading position in the domestic and global industries. One of the founders of the industry and one of the global industry leaders is Disney authorized directory producer (I). LS: A4553531).


Address of Beijing Company:

81 Hongkang Road, Xihongmen Town, Daxing District, Beijing.


Shenzhen Factory Address:

Building 89 B, Gonghe Industrial Avenue, Shajing Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen City.